Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amazing News about Corky!!

Face on portrait of puppy Corky.

Big News about Corky

Pensive Corky looking down in a stand of bamboo
We just received some very good news about Corky.  Surprising, actually, because on June 10th, this was the report card that we got:

Comments from Last Report Card:

"Corky is such a sweet boy. I have only had this guy for a few weeks but he is doing pretty well. He is still a little immature which we are working on but this has improved. We have also been working on his jumping. He does love to work in harness and has been doing well. Thank you for raising this sweet boy."

Our Thoughts:

We were a bit worried.  His other report card from the previous month was super positive.  We thought perhaps he is regressing.  But one can never know what is going on inside the kennel and it is really hard to interpret one trainer's comments from another's.  It's like when you have that one introspective friend who hardly says anything and is really low key.  For her, when she says, "Yeah, it's cool."  It's like a bomb went off and there were huge dance parties and people were shouting, "OMG!! It's the best thing ever!!"  But you don't know that, because you don't know that's the kind of trainer who is now writing your report card.

It's similar to the comments on your child's report card.  Everything that isn't MY CHILD IS AMAZING is equated to THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY CHILD.  So we worried about the jumping and his immaturity and we worried he might not make it. And we should have looked at the SWEET BOY (of which there were TWO, among other compliments). And we should have trusted the process.

Big News:

Then, when we were in Paris, I got a Facebook message from our Area Coordinator, Lois, asking if I wanted to hear some good news.  Well, heck yeah!!!!

"Corky has been matched!!! (Then she added icons for celebrations, wine and balloons) Puppy Raiser Day is July 9th. (More celebration icons!)"

There was much celebrating in Paris!!  Here's to you Corky!

Corky, Jam and Willow at Christmas 2014.
 You are an amazing boy.  Do good, be good and we will always love you!

Our handsome Corky.