Bingo Harry was our first Southeastern Guide Dog puppy to raise.  We just called him Bingo.

As you can tell from some of these photos, he was quite a pistol.  He was rowdy, crazy, unruly and most of the time outside of the circle of acceptance.  He was quite a first puppy to have.

But we loved that boy.  Man, did we love that boy.  I cried for three days when I learned he had been dropped from the Southeastern Guide Dog program because he was possessive of his water dish and possessive of his personal space.

We were told that we could adopt Bingo, but because of his possessiveness, we would need to be really careful if we were going to continue to raise puppies.  We strongly felt that Bingo needed to be in a household were he was the one and only dog.  And that is where he went: to a young couple who didn't have any other pets and who love Bingo without end.  Sometimes it is hard to look beyond yourself and do what is right for the dog and not what is going to make you feel good.  Bingo's life is fuller and richer where he is than had he stayed with us.  

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