Saturday, July 9, 2016

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Corky's Day: Corky Is A Guide Dog!!

Cheryl, Chris with Corky and Fred at puppy raiser day.

Puppy Raiser Day:

We have now been to three puppy raiser days: one for Dewey, one for Coach and one for Corky.  But by far, Corky's puppy raiser day was the most nerve wracking. Why?

We really wanted it to go well.  

After 6 dogs, lots of different things have befallen you and you just want smooth sailing.  

So, it was a very distracted driver who drove down to Southeastern this morning.  I am very thankful that we got there intact.  The whole way there I am thinking, 

"Will he like us?"

"Will Corky remember us?"

"How am I getting all the cookies into everyone's bags?" 

"Will Corky love him?" (Which I dearly want him to do!)

"Did I just miss my exit?"

Fred, who was fairly calm about my almost missing the exit, was a bit nervous too.  But we waited for our trip into the cafeteria for the bios to be read.  I was able to quickly shove cookies into everyone's bag of goodies.

Chris.  His name is Chris.  He is a grandfather.  He lives in Georgia.

Time to watch the partner walk.  Chris and Corky are mid pack.  They come out.  Corky finds the curb.  They cross the street.  Then they are making their way down a sidewalk. All of the puppy raisers are about 20 feet off to the left hand side in a pavilion able to take photos without the dogs noticing us.  But as I stand next to the column looking out, Corky sniffs and turns and looks right at me.  

Chris and Corking walking.  Corky is looking at the camera.

He goes right back to work.

I take more photos of my working guide dog Corky and his new partner Chris.  They are great match.

Chris said they are a match made in heaven. That they had Corky wait so that he could be matched with him.  I agree.  Corky has an odd gait: fast and slow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, which is just exactly what Chris wants.  

They say there is a guide dog match for every person who needs one.  I believe it.  Corky was waiting for Chris. Now they can lead each other on new adventures.  

We can't wait to hear about them. Because in the end, for me, the day is all about them: seeing them, meeting them and honoring their bond. It was a really lovely morning with a wonderful new team.

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