Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Kahj's First Week

We now have our 8th guide dog puppy to raise from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, FL.  His name is Kahj and his sponsor is Theresa Wells.

From left: Cheryl, Fred holding Kahj (a yellow lab) and Theresa, greeting him for the first time in the Southeastern Kennels on Dec. 30th, 2016.

 Theresa raised the money to sponsor and name Kahj and we agreed to raise him.  Here's how Theresa tells the story of how his name came about:

"Yes, there is a story behind that name. Kahj is a future superhero AND charming prince. Kartie, my successor guide dog (we were matched back in January 2015 - he is one of elite extraordinaire) and I flew to Cleveland, OH to visit my daughter and her family to meet my second grandchild. My 5 years old grandson, Tahj had a HUGE fear of giant dogs and doesn't want any part of it especially with pictures. I was silent and very confident that it would change. When Tahj and Kartie met for the first time, I gave Tahj a few pieces of frozen green beans. They were 5 feet from each other -- Kartie sat there and decided to sit next to him waiting for the treat. Tahj gave him one piece at a time. Kartie was very, very gentle to him. After a few minutes, it's the love at first sight for both of them. Three days later, Tahj became so obsessed with Kartie and decided to have professional photo shoot with him! I was in awe how they got connected in just a few days. That's how I came up with the name after both of them, Kartie and Tahj. I decided to name Kahj to honor their unique connection!
Photo of Theresa holding Kahj in her arms.
His birthday was on Sept. 12th, 2016.  So, when we got him, he was about 15 weeks old.  We didn't have school on Monday the 2nd, but he did go to school with me on Wed.  However, he spent the day in the library as we are doing a slow introduction of him into the school.

Kahj napping on his tie-down in my office.
Since we didn't want to overwhelm him, we were very careful to only let a few people say hello to Kahj during his first day.  Once his limit had been reached, no more visitors.  One person at a time, and Kahj had to sit in order to say hello.

It helped that Kahj is calm and knows the sit command like the back of his paw.

Kahj showing off his sit.  He has a little bit of an Elvis lip going on.
 Of course at home, he was a goof ball and would be silly and flip out and roll on his belly.

Kahj sleeping on his back.
Kahj's fist visitor was our good friend Michele Timothy.  She is usually our first visitor to meet all of our puppies.  They got along great.

Michele with Kahj on her lap.

Kahj also has the distinction of living with Jam, the dog who loves too much and Willow, the Duchess of Everything.  Willow has already declared him lovely and made him her plaything.  She rarely is immediately accepting of a puppy, preferring to have a period of grumpiness where she can bark her displeasure of having a young dog bother her.  Much to our surprise, Kahj is sweet, calm and not at all bothersome.  Willow loves him.

Jam has declared him a brother, although he could do without the occasional humping. 

Jam and Kahj share some toys together.
 All in all, it has been an amazing first week with a delightful new puppy.  We know that every puppy is different and this one is no exception.

Kahj wearing a green bow tie that was supposed to be Jam's Christmas present, but was a bit too small for him.  It looks mighty cute on Kahj.

Kahj on the bridge with his bow tie.

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