CD, Joe with Dewey between his legs and Fred sitting on a bench.

Dewey was our fifth puppy and was matched with Joe Duggan to become our first guide dog!

We were super excited, needless to say.
Fred, Cheryl and puppy Dewey at the Southeastern Sign.  Picking him up.
Dewey was sponsored by the student library proctors at my school.

Close up of puppy Dewey
They and some of the other clubs donated all of the money to name him after the Dewey Decimal System.  He is super nice, very quiet, and has a very good settle.

Puppy Dewey asleep with a toy on his beach towel.

We weren't sure he was going to make it.  He didn't like escalators, but that's not a deal breaker.  Many of the guide dogs don't.

Photo of Dewey in his harness
He certainly remembered us at puppy raiser day:

Dewey jumps up to kiss Fred.
Fred, Joe and I on a bench with Dewey sitting pretty in front of us.

Dewey is a working guide dog now and from all reports from Joe, he is doing great!

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