Thursday, December 24, 2009

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When Dogs Fly, Part 2

By Fred
It was a long flight for Bingo--over 4 hours, so we are especially grateful to a U.S. Airways manager, Erik Olund, who was kind enough to escort us downstairs and allow Bingo to relieve himself in a restricted area outside the building just before we boarded the flight. (Our only other choice would have been to go all the way out and return through security again, which was not an appealing option. See photo below.) On the way out Erik told me that U.S. Air has a special program for employees to learn how to escort service animals around the world. Pretty cool.

Once on the plane, we found the flight attendants to be very friendly and considerate even when Bingo stuck his feet out into the aisle (more than once)--he had quite a time getting settled at first. We finally got him in a comfortable spot and he napped through most of the flight.

I'm sure the airlines are struggling, with layoffs and financial troubles, and at this busy time of year you might expect the employees to be stressed out, but we were very happy to find everyone helpful and considerate.

[A picture of Cheryl and Bingo waiting for the elevator at the airport. We weren't sure what to expect.]

[A picture of Cheryl and Bingo being frisked by security. Cheryl even had to remove his coat. I laughed so hard I almost dropped the camera.]

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  1. Great practice! My service dog's first flight was with me but she did great. According to the TSA's published service animal guidelines the dog's gear is not supposed to be removed at any time. I always carry a copy with me...