Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Start Your Morning Off with a Bang!

It's all my fault. I blame my own clumsiness. You see, grace has never been my strong suit, I have the unique ability to stumble in a pair of flats. In fact, when I was a child in ballet class, they had to rechoreograph the final routine because I couldn't do the pirouettes. Yep, I was one of the tall flowers in the back to two other very sullen flowers who could spin and who shot daggers at me. Me, I was just happy not to be in front and not to have to try to look at one spot and turn my body without falling.

So, getting into the car holding a large cup of coffee and milk (cold to lukewarm, I'm not much of a hot coffee drinker) and then jostling myself so that I spill almost ALL of it ON HRH was not much a stretch for me.

"Oh CRAP!" A soaked black head looked up at me with puzzled black button eyes. "What is this stuff that you have tossed on me? It smells rather tasty. In fact, I'm going to drink some of it. " A crazed glint appeared on that little foxy face and I was worried. I now have a coffee with chicory addicted royal personage who can't start her morning without a shot of the brown stuff. So my morning ride starts with fending HRH off the latte.

You can get a feel for how much she likes it by her dreaming of heaven expression and her closed eyes and licking her lips to get every drop.

But she's in for a rude awakening on Tuesday morning! Big cup with a big lid! Take that Nosy Nora. No more stealing my coffee.

I may be clumsy, but I can buy a cup with a lid.

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  1. LOL! That's so funny! She does look like she's enjoying herself :)