Monday, April 4, 2011

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Usually, Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley has the royal heinie covered with the big girl SEGD coat. See photo below with full bootie coverage. However, over Christmas break, HRH got a little bored during a breakfast meeting with a friend and she proceeded to EAT HER COAT! This is not a new thing for her family as her brother Elvis has eaten two coats. However, we barely managed to get out of the restaurant with the coat on her as she had chewed almost completely through the strap and the edging. Off to Joanns and the miracle of iron-on patches. Embarrassed as we were, we didn't mention anything about this thinking we would be able to keep a lid on it. Little did I know that my patch job, while permitting us to use the coat, was done in such a way as to prevent us from ever adjusting the strap in the future. But our delicate flower would never grow. Would she? UH OH. This weekend we couldn't strap her in. All we had was the baby coat. Above is a photo of HRH in the baby coat at school today. With a full MOON. At convocation, the Dean gave HRH a warning. If she continued to wear her skirt above her knees and out of dress code, she was going to get a detention. (She's giving me the stink eye. It's all my fault!) She tried to argue it at first. But in the end, she knew she was out of dress code. Melinda says a new coat is in the mail!

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  1. HRH is so funny... love reading your posts.. your so creative :)

    Never had a dog eat their coat before. Elvis and Berkeley must have really enjoyed it!