Monday, November 21, 2011

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Ladies Man

Two weeks ago, we had a wedding to go to in Dover, FL.  And we thought it best if Jam had a babysitter. So, we sent out a call for a sitter.  Lynn and her girls responded that they could do it, but that Jam would have to be up for camping with her daughter as she was going on a Girl Scout overnight on Saturday.  Would that be okay with us?

Would that be okay, indeed!  YES!

So we went to the wedding knowing that Jam would be well cared for and would have a host of new experiences:

  • Girl Scouts (screaming, giggling, running, jumping, etc.)
  • Camping
  • Bonfires
  • Smores, avoiding eating them
  • I can only imagine what else ...
We were waiting for the call on Sunday from Lynn to come and get Jam.  We waited and waited.  Then about 3:30 pm, Lynn called. 

"We are about to leave the campground. It's up in Tarpon." she said.

"Oh great!" I said, "Why don't you just drop him off on your way?"

"Oh no." Pause. "I couldn't do that." Pause. "He needs a bath."

"Naw. Just drop him off."

"No. Really!  I can't give him back to you like this.  We will bathe him first!"  she said.  There was a smile in her voice. "He had a very good time."
Jam is in the center of a group of Girl Scouts. He is seated.  There  are three scouts to his left and to to his right. Lynn's daughter is next to Jam on the left.

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