Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Coach: An Update

We have some unfortunate news. While Coach made it as a guide dog, he did not stay a guide dog.   When Kristen brought Coach home on graduation day, her personal pet did not get along with Coach and there was some growling.  Southeastern's trainer went to try to fix the situation and was unsuccessful.  Coach returned to Southeastern last Tuesday, was reevaluated on Wednesday and dropped from the guide dog program Wednesday afternoon.

Coach in his harness.  

In our hearts, however, we will always remember him as a success, the nicest, most eager to work and eager to please puppies that we have raised.  Whoever adopts him as a pet will be very lucky.


  1. Very sad. But Coach will be a treasure to the family lucky enough to adopt him. I see smiles all around for his future.

  2. I'm curious, how does Southeastern Guide Dogs publicize adoption for dogs like Coach?