Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Quality Dewey Time

By Fred
My typical Tuesday trip with Dewey became untypical today. Normally we take a long walk through Dunedin before eating, but today was rainy. My shirt was soaked after just crossing the street. So we walked back and forth a few times under the awnings on Main street. With Dewey, short walks and long walks are equally OK. He is the king of cool.

I ordered fish as usual, but it wasn't quite the same. More peppers, less fish. This was an omen of bad luck, though I didn't know it at the time. Dewey went right to sleep under the table--he is so good at restaurants now, even today with the wind howling outside and rain bashing against the windows.

The rain let up just as it was time for us to leave. Good luck, I thought. So we hurried to the car, I put in the key and turned it. Nothing. I had left my lights on in the parking log, and the battery was dead.

AAA said it would be about an hour before someone could come. Fortunately, the skies were cloudy and a cool breeze was blowing. We opened the doors. I texted my bad luck to Cheryl, and she responded with sympathy. I was feeling pretty mad at myself, then I noticed Dewey smiling at me. What a good boy. He spends much of his day waiting and never complains.

I texted Cheryl back and told her that Dewey and I were bonding. In reality, he was giving me a lesson in patience. Too bad I still don't have any.

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