Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Our Seventh Puppy: Bassett!

Once More, Into the Breach!

On Jan. 5th, Fred and I went to pick up baby Bassett.  Bassett is our 7th Southeastern Guide Dog puppy to raise.  
Fred and I and Bassett at the Freedom Walk. Photo by Christy Clark.

Bassett is the last name to the beautiful girl he is named after: Christie Bassett (in fact, you can also join our facebook page at The Adventures of Christie and Bassett). Christie is pictured below.

FirstThe first week was just a blur as we were getting back from the holidays and getting the puppy and starting back at school was quite a one-two punch!  Fortunately, Bassett is super good.  He is calm and confident and mostly sleeps through the night.  

First Puppy Meeting

He went to his first meeting that Saturday.  I was very impressed with his behavior.  He is an older puppy.  We had been hoping to get a very young puppy to experience the whole puppy experience again and had asked for a baby baby.  But Bassett was born on 9/29/15 and was about 15 weeks old when we picked him up.

Close-up of Bassett at the puppy meeting looking up at me for direction.  Photo by Paul Carroll.
But it's one of those crazy things, you love every puppy, no matter what.  At least we do.  They are all amazing.  And Bassett is no different.  He is unlike all of our other puppies.  He is calm, but very independent.  One of the puppies who is about two weeks older arrived and started to bark excitedly and pull to come see Bassett.  Bassett was sitting by me and he looked over at the puppy and then looked up at me.  I could see the wheels turning and then he got up and walked away from the puppy and sat down on the other side of me. Not hiding, but clearly not interested in playing with someone so rambunctious.  He's very precise.  Very curious and observant.  Rather like Sherlock.

First Week of School

His first week of school was a big success.  He is spending the first month only in the library.  I walk the back way in, out of direct traffic and encounter few students, so it is very calm.  The library itself is quiet and calm most of the day as well.  

We have a firm petting exposure rule: one person only and no more than two people per hour ( one per half hour).  It's been interesting telling students that "I've just put the baby down to sleep, so you can't pet him now."  They have been quite ok with just looking at him.

Bassett with one of our Student Library Proctors.

In fact, they are all so well trained that no one tries to reach out a hand as we go by on our way out to the restroom.  Although I do hear the faint cries of, "Awwwww!" as we pass.

Bassett, with his head tilted.
And really, who wouldn't say, Awww, to that face?

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