Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Bingo and the Great Glass Elevator

Recently we were at International Mall and Bingo got to experience the glass elevator. True to form, he ran over to the glass to look out. He's a fearless little guy. He goes in for surgery on Friday. Already, he is much calmer. Doreen took him today to the Great American Teach Inn, but Fred said he was a very bad boy, pulling, not sitting and generally being a butthead. Doreen said that the surgery on Friday would take care of most of those problems. Still, I like the little guy even when he is a butthead. I just figure it is mostly my fault he doesn't do things correctly.

I hope his personality doesn't change too much. He is a sweet boy and a fearless one. That should remain regardless of whether you have a complete package. 8-) The stubborness, now that I could do without.

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