Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Veteran's Day

On Wed., we had an amazing speaker come in to speak with all three divisions: Michael Jernigan. Michael is a United States Marine Corporal who was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq resulting in his losing his eyesight. Corporal Jernigan was accompanied by his wife and son and by Bobby and Meredith Newman. He also came with his dog Brittany, a yellow lab. The Newmans always bring their lab Milly with them.

Mr. Newman had asked that Bingo and I stop by to meet Corporal Jernigan and his family, mostly so they could meet Bingo. Bingo, however, was only interested in the ladies. Mrs. Newman correctly pointed out that Bingo has a thing for blondes (Milly and Brittany both being yellow labs). Bingo has one more week of being an unneutered male, so I guess this was his last lustful chance so to speak, and he has a thing for Milly.

At the middle division presentation Corporal Jernigan was answering some great questions from the kids, the blondes were on stage and Bingo was in the front row, eyes trained on Brittany and Milly. There came a natural silence between questions and answers and into the silence Bingo let all of his pent up puppy lustfulness out.


I leaned over Bingo (half in order to correct him, half in order to hide from the eyes of 400 people looking at the front row) NO! loud whisper and grabbing his muzzle for correction. Meredith started to laugh. Michele started to laugh. Corporal Jernigan thought it was amusing. Thank the stars that he has such a big heart.

We have had many speakers over the years on Veteran's Day. Corporal Jernigan was one of the first though that really touched our students, I think. He was able to speak to each division in a way that was appropriate for them. When the upper division convocation came, our students asked such amazing questions. I think he was surprised. It was one of those rare speaking events where both sides come out of it having enjoyed the experience. Or at least that was my experience and impression.

I'm happy to say that I did at the very end make my way through the crowds and manage to get introduced and shake his hand. Bingo did not act any better. He was a pill the whole time. Corporal Jernigan still found him amusing. I recommend that you read his postings to the New York Times. They are wonderful!

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