Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Sometimes, you have to blow off some steam. One of the rules at Southeastern is that you can't play fetch outside. You don't want your dog to become one of those fetch obsessed dogs who keeps looking at you and waiting for you to throw something rather than looking around and keeping you safe.

Another rule is that we can't have any toys like balls or frisbees. Again, especially for labs, it is easy for them to become obsessed with a toy like a ball and then transfer that obsession into the outdoors and stop working when they meet up with someone bouncing a ball or playing frisbee. Below is one of Her Royal Highness's favorite toys: a hedgehog. She's on her second one.

Since the hedgehog is roughly circular in shape, we decided one day when HRH was particularly filled with beans, to use it to blow off some steam.

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