Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Wrapping It Pre-K Style

For the second year in a row, we've done what's called a Wrap-In where the three divisions get together and decorate presents for children's charities in the bay area. We were fortunate to be paired with Pre-K again. They are super fun.

My first stop with Her Royal Highness (HRH) was this little boy who, when asked if he wanted to pet Berkeley, responded with, "The only dog I don't like is a big dog."

"OK." We went to the next small child.

As you can see we had much better luck at this table. They liked big dogs, which is sort of a laugh as HRH is a runt at 50 pounds and 7 months. She's a delicate flower.

Here we have HRH's fan club. Caroline supplied HRH's Christmas collar (there is a Mrs. Claus hat that goes with it, see below). Caroline is on the right and Katia is on the left. HRH was phenomenal. She visited each child calmly, let them pet her and didn't like or chew on them.

The third member of HRH's fan club is Pilar. They even matched for the wrap-in! We had to take a photo. Later that afternoon we had the holiday convocation (12 Days of Christmas, Jingle Bells, etc.) and HRH got to experience her FAVORITE BAND, the Highlander Pipe and Drum Band. (She does not like the pipe and drum corps.) Here's a short video of her reaction to them playing at the convocation. She dealt with it like royalty: strained about the ears, a little tension about the eyes and a few darting glances at the exits.

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  1. Looks like she had fun with the kids!
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog - I hope Toby goes to a family that will let me have contact with them, my second dog got adopted out because of medical issues/allergies and her new owner didn't like having contact with raisers.

    Btw - Rudy wants me to let you know that his Holiday Contest/giveaway is going on NOW and he'd really like you to enter; go to, for rules. (All you have to do is write a very short poem themed on pets/Holiday) - Rudy's trying to get a good amount of entries; he really needs your help!
    Rudy's Raiser