Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Favorite Spot

By Fred
Just 2 more days and our little wiggler will be in for training. We'll miss her wiggly tail and sweet disposItion. She likes to curl up at my feet in the office, and she has a particular place in mind, a particular spot on the floor. No other spot will do. If I adjust her position, she quickly wiggles her way back into place, intent with the same stubborn determination she pursues in all things, a trait that's hopefully to her credit when her serious training begins.

A picture of Berkeley sitting at my feet under the desk.  She has a very cute face.Lately I've had some pain behind my right knee and tingling in some toes. This week I asked the doctor about it, imagining all sorts of silly things that might be wrong with me. "How are you sitting?" he asked me. "Because you shouldn't sit with your legs pushed back. I think you are pinching some nerves." He laughed when I told him my theory of why I've been sitting this way.

So today I took a photo of little Berkeley in her favorite spot. That's my right foot and my numb toes. Oh well, today's our last day in the office together. Tomorrow she goes to school, then training on Saturday. I will miss her.

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  1. Wow I can't believe her time is up already!! Good Luck HRH Berkley! :)