Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Queen for One Last Day

We do have our own dog. Her name is Willow. She is a chocolate lab.

She is very lovely with a calm demeanor that took her 8 years to acquire. She is now 10 years old. She plays frisbee and in general is a happy dog. When HRH Berkeley went IFT though, I think that might have been the happiest day of Willow's life.

She and HRH weren't BFFs and Willow tended to let HRH be the leader of the pack, which was what HRH wanted. We decided that we needed to have boys only from now on. Hence, Joseph A. Merluzzi (JAM).

I think that Willow will be a little sad that she is not the only dog in the house. She has had a month of being queen of the realm. But she will be the only female dog in the house and she will be the oldest. She and Bingo got along great. I'm hoping JAM is a mellow fellow and she likes him.

Here's to Willow! Queen of our hearts.

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