Friday, September 9, 2011

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Home School

By Fred
Far away from the glamour and excitement that is Berkeley Prep School, our Jam is suffering through a stint of extended home schooling, all due to Cheryl's unfortunate ankle-twisting that has left her on crutches and unable to manage a leash. Jam's normal schedule (one day fun, the next day with me) will be interrupted for a while, such that I'm feeling pressured to become a more fun person.

Of course, no one can be more fun than my wife (except when she is peeved at me).

Yesterday, Jam and I had nice walk and visit to the neighborhood grocery store, a small place where everyone knows Jam, and I passed a very confused-looking grandmotherly person who seemed not to know her onions from her potatoes. A few minutes later I saw her again, this time at the manager's desk.

"And there he is," said the store manager (who is one of Jam's biggest fans) with a big grin, pointing at Jam with great surprise.

The woman seemed vindicated. "I knew I saw a dog."

As the store manager began to patiently explain the situation, Jam and I slipped away. Far away.

Back at home we decided to have some training that Judy introduced during a recent meeting. I've been working with Jam since then, and it's been a real help, especially in the grocery store.

Narration: In this movie I place an almond on the kitchen floor and step away, hoping that Jam won't gobble it up. Feeling confident, I decide to move out of his sight. Then I get nervous and run around to the other opening. But there he is, and there is the almond. He wags his tail, so I don't think the training is stressing him out. Willow is there, too, and at least in this case she seems to have a calming influence on him.
I know, I say the "Stay" command twice. Don't be so critical

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Sorry to sign in under an inactive account but blogger only lets me use my blogspot if comments pop up...go figure...there's a link in the intro...

    But what I wanted to say is that Jam is really looking professional! And wow has he grown!

    Hope Cheryl's off crutches soon but you'll have to hang in there Hubby had a broken ankle back was forever before he was able to do normal stuff without hobbling or pain. No fun if you have a young dog to school.

    We'll keep y'all in our prayers.

    BrownDog's Human