Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Jam's Half Brother Carbon

Our neighbor Stephanie turned in her puppy raiser application and unexpectedly got a puppy 3 days later. Carbon is Jam's half brother as they share the same dad, Jack. So, about a week ago I took Jam over to say hello.
He was quite interested to meet the little guy. Of course, Carbon had had a rough start. He had had some medical issues and was just now declared ready for puppy raising, so he was a little bit on the shy side.
Jam is not at all on the shy side. As you can see, Carbon didn't want to come too close to the scary Jam. He was very content to stay far away.
He had such a puzzled expression on his face, like he just could not understand Jam's exuberance.
But he did finally make it into Stephanie's lap and then he made it a little closer to Jam, and then he made it over to Jam. Finally, we decamped to the kitchen which seemed neutral territory and they romped for a bit and had fun. I think they will get along just fine.

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