Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Holiday Convocation

Friday was the wrap-in and the holiday convo.  The wrap-in involved visiting pre-k, wrapping presents with them, writing notes to the kids where the gifts were going to go (they were being donated to a local charity), and then going to the all school convo where there was to be much singing and revelry.

Of course, Jam had to be dressed in his holiday attire, provided by his number one fan English teacher Caroline Clarke.  Once we got to pre-k, the biggest challenge was to keep him from mouthing the little kids.  When he is excited, he goes to take your hand in his mouth and that was his first reaction upon entering the room.  So, we walked around and around and at various times tried to visit small children to see if he had calmed down.  He did.  Five minutes before we left.  By that time, he was so exhausted he slept the rest of the day and most of this weekend!
Jam is laying down on the gym floor with his Santa hat on and his Christmas collar on.  He has his head on his paws and looks tired.
 Here he is getting ready to sleep during the holiday convo. Below is a shot of him waking up and looking around.  He has no idea what is going on and little care about it either.

Here is Jam with his head up (Santa hat still on!) looking sleepily to the left.

He has so little care, indeed, that when the Highlander Band began to play that he just gave up and fell asleep.  DURING BAGPIPES AND DRUMS.

Poor baby.  It's rough being so cute and popular.


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