Sunday, December 9, 2012

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Grandparents and Boat Parades

Last night we went out to celebrate Melisa's birthday and by pure happenstance we ran into Coach's mom's family.  It was very cool.  Nancy and Steve (pictured below with Coach) were in St. Pete waiting for their table at the same restaurant we had just finished eating at (400 Beach, very good and a great Southeastern Guide Dog supporter). 

Coach is sitting in front of Nancy and Steve who are kneeling in back of him.  Steve is on the left and Nancy on the right.
Coach has a big smile on his face. Nancy and Steve are also smiling.
Brittany is Coach's mom and Coach is from her first litter.  We talked a bit about how we thought the golden retriever in Brittany made Coach as sweet as he is.  Evidently Brittany is super gentle and sweet as well. Considering that Coach's dad is Jack and that Jam's dad is Jack, he could have been a rowdy boy!  So we are sticking to our story of Brittany giving him all his sweetness.

Judy, Jerry, Melisa with Bo at their feet in a Xmas collar.  Fred and I are on the far right with
Coach who's eyes are glaring like lasers.

We also walked along the bay side hoping to see some of the boat parade, but alas, our dinner took too long.  We had just missed it.

It was an interesting dinner because Coach's nemisis Petey came.  As soon as the two of them locked eyes on each other there was barking.  Fortunately, they had us in a room that had some high walls.  I would say that everyone except Coach behaved very well.  Petey gave one bark to Coach's three.  Plus Coach whined because he wanted to get near his BFF Bo.  Bo, however, was playing hard to get and was spending time with Coach and then Petey.  So, neither boy knew which one was the ultimate winner.

Overall, I say it was a great night for all: seeing Brittany's folks, catching the last two boats of the boat parade and being able to celebrate a good friend's birthday.  Good end to a great day.


  1. Coach, sounds like you had fun and your peeps had a great time, did you get any of that food. Man you gots the bestest lazer eyes, outstanding!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    1. I tell you, he has amazing eyes! No food though. He can't eat when he has the coat on. Thanks for stopping by!