Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Not a Stepchild

By Fred

For a brief while in my childhood I was a stepchild, though I never got any of the Cinderella-ish treatment sometimes associated with that word. I was lucky to have a great childhood and a great stepdad.

I do wonder, from time to time, that by focusing so much attention on our guide dog puppies, we are treating Willow like a stepchild, if only a bit. Sure, Willow has her perks, like being free to nap on the leather chairs (Coach may not). But I can't deny that Coach gets more attention, and he always gets to go out with us.

Normally I play Frisbee with Willow only on the days that Coach is not here (so that I don't have to leave him alone in the house). Yesterday I decided he was trustworthy enough to sit inside while I played with Willow outside. I wasn't sure how Coach would feel seeing us walk away (and with a toy in my hand) to go play.

Fortunately I could see into the house through another window, and I watched how our good boy sat there patiently by the door the whole time, not jumping or even pacing. What a good boy.

It's hard for humans to remember that dogs just can't hold a grudge.

Even if they do feel like stepchildren from time to time, they are quick to forgive and forget.

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