Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Dewey Speaks: I Attended an AC Conference!

Disclaimer: This blog is to be used as Entertainment Purposes ONLY. This is not a critique or evaluation of my training, my raisers or my pup sitters. With that said – I hope you enjoy. 
Thursday night my Auntie Mel came to my house and loaded me in her car. I was excited, as you may remember, last time we had some pretty fun adventures. My raisers kept talking about their trip to New York City, but I was more interested in seeing Ambassador Duke. He has fun toys. 
Friday morning, Auntie Mel worked from home. Early afternoon I was loading into the car again, only to find myself (and Auntie Mel, - duh – I can’t DRIVE) at a hotel in downtown St. Petersburg. The valet parking dude was all wound up tight, so I tried to tell him the DEWERS way of doing things “Relax Dude, everytings gonna be all-right”. I don’t think he understood Dog Talk. 
Dewey lying on the floor looking sleepy.
Into the lobby we go. There are pups in coat everywhere! WOOF. Let me just say there was this little golden retriever named ZIVA (like from the TV show NCIS) and boy… was she a hit. I must say I might have given her my number…. If I had a number. (Note to self: Get a number). One dog got so excited his tail knocked over the entire chess set that was on a table. It was NOT me. Really….. (I will NOT throw my buds under the table and mention them by name. That’s just dog code.) 
Auntie Mel then went to do a blind fold dog weight evaluation on three dogs the trainers had brought. On the way there, I saw my sister and my brother. How fun! Auntie Mel apparently did really well, as she won a prize. Who doesn’t love prizes? 
I finally overheard someone say we were at the AC conference, which was funny, cuz the room was really COLD. I am not sure if Auntie Mel does air conditioning work, or why all the dogs would be there. She doesn’t really tell me what we are doing or why. Why was she there anyways? But I am such a free spirit I didn’t really stress about it. My friend River and Andros sat near us. But I tried not to listen to what River said. Her ideas can be kinda crazy. The adults were doing a lot of laughing at this table. I later found out AC stands for Area Coordinator, not air conditioner. 
The AC vent (this time I mean air conditioner) and compressor for the conference room were next to our table. Turns out it must have had a leak of some sort, so randomly, it sounded like water was running. This made the raisers all do a double take and look under the table. I think the raisers thought one of us dogs were going busy (pee – in layman’s terms). I tried to not be offended. I would never do that inside!! 
Dewey asleep under the table.
Dinner was eaten by humans and pups. The event ended and we went to fetch our car. The same crabby man was not there, so that was good. 
I must have had a bad dream that night. Mel says I was sleeping peacefully and then all of a sudden I stood up straight in my kennel and just looked at her. I don’t remember what it was. And no, I didn’t write it down. I can’t hold a pencil. I was told to lay back down, so I did, and that was the end of that. Weird. 
Saturday we spent the day down at Southeastern Guide Dog campus. This is where I have heard my big brother Coach is. I didn’t get to see him, but I hear he is doing well. I will come here one day for my training. Maybe I can meet him. 
During the day we did obedience with Trainer Jen. She taught the raisers some “relaxation techniques” for their dogs. Seriously? I laughed. Did she not hear of me? I am Baby Dewey Dew Drop. I have no stress. Relaxation is my middle name. Auntie Mel and I ROCKED this drill. Sweet. A+ for us. WOOT. 
Mel sitting with Dewey in her lap.
Then we went inside and the raisers did something. I don’t remember what. I was napping. I remember getting a lot of treats from Blue’s mom. She was trying to tell Blue to be more like me. I don’t think he was ready for a nap. But I was, so I snoozed. 
Later Auntie Mel handed me off to some person I didn’t know so she could go do a Blind Fold Immersion. The trainers put a blind fold over her eyes and then she got to experience firsthand what the visually impaired students do when they come to the school. She had to find her dorm room, figure out which hallway she was in, navigate inside her room, go out of the building, find the porch, the outside area for dogs, and back in through another door. She did that first with the trainer and then the next time she had a guide dog to help her. WOW! That will be ME someday. How cool is my job gonna be? 
Trainer Jen trying to get Dewey to
load in to the crates in the van.
The day was jam packed with lectures, tours (new vet center ROCKS) and get this --- I got to load in the vans that the real guide dog trainees use. Ok, so the idea was not my favorite at first, but after you hear Trainer Jen’s squeaky puppy voice, you pretty much just do what she wants so she will stop (Sorry Jen – love ya). There might have been a treat involved. 
The conference ended, we returned home, I greeted Duke, ate dinner and crashed. As typical, Sunday is RELAX day at Auntie Mel’s. I was hoping that would be the case. I am Pooped. 
Monday off to the office….. more napping. Sweet. Life is good. 
PS. Love you mom and dad. Where is New York anyways? 

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