Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Dewey Skypes: Thank You Galloway School!!

On Friday, during my lunch hour, Dewey and I had an amazing experience.  We got to skype with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders from the Galloway School in Atlanta. It was pretty awesome.

Actually, everyone was more interested in Dewey than in me, but that was ok. I didn't take it personally. My friend Amy, the lower division librarian at Galloway, who set it all up, was very clever and told the students that they were going to have a unit on Dewey. Boy were they surprised! 8-)

For three days they studied the Mclean Puppy blog and learned about guide dogs and what they do in different situations (or what not to do!).  Of course, they read supplemental material as well.  They learned all about Southeastern Guide Dogs program for raising puppies.  And then on fourth day, they skyped with me and Dewey!

I think the best question was what was Dewey going to be for Halloween?  I don't know!!  They are going to send me suggestions!  I can't wait. 8-)

Some of there other questions were:

  • What does Dewey eat?
  • Where does he sleep?
  • What is his day like?
  • What happened to Bingo?
  • How is Coach doing? (They were very concerned about Coach!)
All in all it was very fun.  Dewey was very tired because it was during his nap time and I had to keep waking him up and making him pose in front of the skype camera, but the kids seemed to love it.  

I wish I had some photos for you!  

We did get an amazing thank you present from the students at Galloway!!  A very generous donation to Dewey's walkathon fund for Southeastern.  We were so surprised and stunned!  Dewey says thank you, I say thank you and we both give a big Woof, Woof to Galloway School and the students there for having us talk about guide dogs!! 

If you would like to help Dewey reach his walkathon goal, please donate at I also have raffle tickets.  You will have to purchase those directly from me ($5 for one, or 5 for $20).

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