Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Chapter 6 of the McLean Puppy Chronicles Start on Friday

Friday, Fred and I will go down to Southeastern Guide Dogs to pick up our sixth guide dog puppy to raise.  His name will be Corky.  We will get the sponsorship papers and find out why he is named Corky, because for the first time in a long time, he won't be sponsored by my school.

Corky's mom is named Sugar and his dad is Fred.  So naturally we think this is a match mad in heaven. 8-)

The protocols for raising a puppy have changed substantially, so we are busy rereading the manual to make sure that we understand what it is that we need to do to raise up a confident, happy puppy.

I went yesterday to buy two new baby gates as ours had finally fallen apart.  Coach and Dewey and Jam had taken their toll on them and the last one had finally given up the ghost.

Fred and I talked about what puppy toys I needed to buy before Friday came.  Just to have on hand for baby Corky. It has been a long break for us. We usually get a puppy right away.

We are very anxious to see our new little guy. Here's to a great, fun year!


  1. Looking forward to meeting Corky. I (We) will be happy to assist in "Crate Hugs" training.

  2. Yea! You are first on our list of sitters. 8-) We know how it helped Dewey to have you and Rita taking care of him!