Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Sounds of Breakfast

By Fred
After a pretty good first night--Corky slept through to about 4:30am--we had our first breakfast. What could be going through that little puppy mind, with so many new things, new people, new routines? And in particular, breakfast time offers up plenty of new smells and sounds, starting with our Vitamix blender, which has as much horsepower and attitude as our lawnmower, chewing through frozen fruit with a determination to wake the neighbors. But Corky was amused. So far, he is a very brave little guy. Then the espresso machine started hissing and coffee beans started grinding. Ears perked up and still the waggy tail. I love this dog.

Corky sat and waited like a big boy for his breakfast (with more patience than his new brother, Jam). And after breakfast we went outside and he pooped right away. (He did the same for Cheryl last night.) The puppy people at Southeastern are doing a fabulous job training these guys. It really makes a difference for us.

Unfortunately, our happy day yesterday was mixed with some sad news about our friend, Dave. We wish him the best and fastest possible recovery.

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