Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Bingo Gets a Bath

By Fred
This weekend we took advantage of the perfect weather to work on the Stand/Stay command and to get a little wet. I'd never used Stand/Stay before we got Bingo, but we've learned that it's important for those times when a blind person wouldn't want their dog to sit on the floor, like in a public restroom. It's also very useful at bath time.

Here's Bingo, suffering through a bath and some taunting by Cheryl.

Also this weekend I repaired the fence to make sure it was puppy-proof. So far, we've kept Bingo on a leash in the back yard, but we decided it was time for him to be free and explore. With the bath over, imagine his surprise when his best friend, Willow, shows up to give him his first tour of the yard.

This also gave us a chance to work on some long-distance "Come" commands. Bingo went back and forth between me and Cheryl, sometimes running at full speed and unable to stop. Oh, well.

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