Monday, February 7, 2011

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Ever Wonder What Character Your Dog Would Be On Your Favorite Show?

Well, one of our favorite shows is Glee. The other day, Christina and I were Gleeking out and I was talking about what a mean girl HRH was being to Willow. We had to have some corrections as HRH likes to push her around and flaunt her youth and shiny coat.

This generally occurs at the back door. HRH will wait by the door and angle her head so she can see Willow out of the corner of her eye. "I'm not actually looking AT you, but I am giving you fair warning that should you come through the door, I will run into you. I will." Then the door opens.

Willow hangs back. HRH glides through the door and waits on the other side. Backward glance. "I see you. I see you. I see you. I am Queen of all things here!"

This is usually where I step in with a firm correction and take the little monarch down a peg or two and let Willow out the door.

Which brings me back to Glee. (I do manage to come back to my point, eventually.) There is a character named Santana on Glee who is a bit of a cypher. She's on the Cheerios, but she secretly likes Glee. She spies for Sue, but she's Brittany's best friend. She's mean, but there is a warm chocolate center there, I just know it.

That's our HRH Berkeley: Santana. Cool, calm perfection for when the cameras are on her, but demanding and mouthy when they aren't. Sweet and gentle for obedience class (circle of acceptance, you bet!) but walk with Willow, hell to the no!

And I'm almost certain that I've seen her eyeing slushies. It's a good thing she doesn't have thumbs. Maybe we shouldn't let her watch Glee. That Santana may be giving her ideas...

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