Thursday, February 24, 2011

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HRH's First Basketball Game

Her Royal Majesty (HRH) Berkeley had not been to a basketball game before and the boys had a semifinal game against Tampa Catholic on Tuesday night, so I thought it would be good for her to attend. Little did I know it would be a crush, sort of like those parties one reads about in all the Victorian Harlequin romance novels (yes I do occasionally read those. All reading is good reading!)
When we arrived it wasn't too crowded and we opted for a seat near the cheerleaders (who had sparkly pom-poms and was fairly low. Here you can see Michele and HRH settling in for the game.

HRH quickly became immersed in watching the players dribble the ball and followed it back and forth. Where Bingo would have been trying to leap out of the stands and onto the court, HRH had a sense of decorum and merely watched avidly with her ears perked.

As it got closer to game time, the stands got more crowded and soon HRH found herself wedged between two (fortunate for her) dog loving, basketball fans. When the game started, as baskets were scored HRH would lean over and give Janie a kiss. To which Janie would respond with a look back to me, "She just fine!"

Once, HRH turned completely around to give me a look, and stood wagging her tail, in actuality, thumping it enthusiasistically against Janie and her husband. I tried to apologize but Janie's husband stopped me.

"Our dog doesn't have a tail." He seemed amused by her tail wagging. (They have a boxer. No tail.)

Periodically, HRH would turn and look with longing in the direction of the pom-pom girls. She really wanted her own pom-pom. They were metallic and shiny and she loved them. She really does have the soul of Santana. She was particularly annoyed when the crowed filled in and prevented her from watching the girls shake the pom-poms.

As the game went on, the auditorium got hotter. With about 4 minutes to the half, HRH let out a few whines indicating that either a pee-saster, poo-saster or heat-meltdown was going to occur in short order. Glancing around at the standing room only crowd of my school, I figured that now would be a good time to slip out. So I gave a quick nod to my friend and HRH and I slid quietly into the cool, night air.

Once in the car, I opened up a bottle of water for her and she drained it as you can see from the photo above. It was a heat stroke avoidance. She slept the whole way home.


  1. What a cutie! I can't believe how much she has grown. There's no way I can hold her in my arms anymore!

  2. We gave your blog an award at Raising Rob We'd love you to come by and check it out!