Friday, February 18, 2011

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Monster Scooters

Wednesday as I was getting Her Royal Highness out of the car, she saw something that startled the bejeezus out of her. In fact, it looked like this amazing piece of artwork by David Palmer to the left.

It was, a monster on a scooter. See, we have these new neighbors. They have small children and their children evidently like careening around on a scooter. Menacing scooters like this one below.

Notice the ghastly, garish purple and pink colors! See the sparkly stickers designed to wink and attract your attention, essentially luring you to look someplace else while the scooter MOWS YOU DOWN! And don't get me started on the beast riding the scooter. (This is what was going through HRH's pea brain.)

HRH had leaped out of the car and attention caught by sparkly stickers, she immediately began to growl and bark at the wheeled beastie. The hair stood up on her spine making my delicate flower princess look a tiny bit larger. It must have helped. The beastie turned around and headed back for the trees.

What actually happened was that our nice little 5 year old neighbor girl saw HRH hop out of the car and and rode over to pet her. HRH freaked, neighbor girl freaked and they both went their separate ways.

I took HRH and all my work paraphernalia into the house and then proceeded right back outside with her. Wee beastie was up in the tree.

"Hi," I waved. HRH was by my side. I could see the monster mobile at the front of the house. Wee beastie called out.

"Can I pet your dog?"

"Of course! She's very friendly." And so she was. Lainey, which was the wee beastie's name, was delighted to make HRH's acquaintance. She was a bit perplexed as I tried to explain that HRH was afraid of the scooter. She gave me quite an odd stare when I asked if I could go and show HRH the scooter.


We walked slowly to the pink monstrosity. HRH took her time. I touched it. HRH backed off. I spun a wheel. HRH backed off. Then she came forward. Tail was wagging. She sniffed. Looked at me. Glanced at wee beastie. Glanced back at the pink monstosity and then over to our house.

It was enough. I took her home.

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