Sunday, March 6, 2011

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The Queen Has Spoken

We have two dogs. Here they are together.

Willow is our 10 year old chocolate lab. She's a very submissive, sweet old girl. You all know by now that Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley is NOT a submissive girl.

This weekend was the 25th Annual Walkathon and it was held in Bradenton. At the dinner, Bobby and Merideth and their dog Jeannie gave HRH a gift of this amazing toy that Jeannie had been playing with when she was at Berkeley. It's called the The Everlasting Treat Ball.

It's a bit like getting one of the Willy Wonka golden tickets: it's a toy of magical qualities.

Sure enough, when we opened it that evening HRH took immediate possession and was over the moon with joy at the scent and the amazing everlasting quality of its fabulousness. She set about licking it down and would not let Willow get near it.

Soon though, it was time for bed. Time for the Queen to go in her crate. That meant giving up her everlasting treat ball.

She went in grudgingly and eyed the treat ball and me with a cold, fish eye. Then she turned about and lay down. A sigh escaped her.

"Willow. Here." I walked over to Willow who was on the other side of bed and set the treat ball on the floor. Willow looked up at me in apparent shock. She looked at the treat ball and back at me. I nodded. She licked it. Then she really started to go to town. I walked back to my side, by HRH and got into bed.

Willow continued to lick happily at the treat ball. Several minutes went by.

Then, a high pitched, ear-splitting bark pierced the bedroom. Just one. But one was enough. Willow dropped the everlasting treat ball and moved away from it.

There was complete silence.

HRH went to sleep.

The Queen had spoken.

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