Monday, March 21, 2011

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She Can't Be My Dog!

I was shocked, I tell you, shocked, the other day at TJ Maxx. There we were in the shoe aisle. I had Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley in a down stay for her own safety as there were some pretty high heels around and I didn't want her wandering around and catching a stilleto on the head and poking her eye out. That would not be good! So, down she went as I careened around the aisle grabbing shoes and trying them on, and on, and on.

I did hear some soft doggy sighs, but thought nothing of it. I glanced back and she was still motionless. Still in her down stay. Good girl. She certainly wasn't enthralled by the TJ Maxx bargains like I was.

Oooh! Look at that Born sandal! What a price. 8-)

Just then, a lady looked in our aisle and said, "Oh, mommy, take this baby home! She is tired, tired, tired!"

Seriously?!! A woman(!) just told me to stop SHOE SHOPPING!? And told me my dog was bored? Honestly. What the world is coming to. Some people are so rude.

Then I looked at HRH. Perhaps if we had been at Nordstrom's she wouldn't have been bored.

Sorry, baby, mommy likes her bargains. Guess we'll go on home! No shoes for you today.

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  1. Something tells me this is not Berkeley's first trip to the shoe store...