Monday, March 28, 2011

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The other night we had our friends Larry and Gabrielle over for dinner and they brought their career changed puppy Trapper (aka Trappergator) with them. We were looking forward to talking with our friends, but Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley had a special sort of giddiness one could only associate with lunacy (royalty), nervousness, or too much sugar.

Since we don't feed her sugar, I'm going with part lunacy and nervousness. Once the big blond behemoth hit the wooden floors, HRH was smitten.

Willow couldn't have cared less. He was more of a bumbler to her. Fast moving dogs were a hazard to be avoided and she was by now good at avoiding them. She moved quickly to the couch.

HRH was a bit paralyzed with the love bug. She had seen him that afternoon at the Paws for Patriots event, but with all her adoring fans, hadn't noticed his hunkiness. Now, Ooh-la-la.

They proceeded to chase each other around the house and up and down the stairs. We pushed them to the backyard. Trapper was always in the lead, oddly enough. HRH had lost command. Once they got to the back yard, she proceeded to show him the koi pond. They circled the pond. Trapper saw the koi, he started to paw at the water, to get their attention. They circled the pond with Trapper pawing at it and HRH staring at him in adoration. Then Trapper made the brilliant decision that pawing just wasn't working. The fish were IN the pond and that's where HE needed to be. Fortunately, HRH didn't agree with him.

Notice, even after he jumped in she will still follow him anywhere. Anywhere, but in a fish pond. Silly commoner.

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