Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Cooling Off

By Fred
The dogs were so jazzed up at the start of our Tuesday training class that we took them out for a walk on the beach. Here we are, back in the room, and doesn't Cheryl look cute with her curly red hair?

Cheryl and Jam in training class, waiting for the next routine.Jam has decided that the Down command is beneath him, that it's somehow demeaning, and he pretends that he has no idea what you are saying while in fact he will pop down immediately in the morning when no one is looking and he's waiting for breakfast. Otherwise, like in the training class, we say Down and he gets that look of a junior high kid whose mom wants to kiss him in front of everyone.

A very wet Jam standing by the swimming pool and staring into the camera.Jam still doesn't know what to think about our neighbor's swimming pool. One thing for sure is that he's not afraid of it (or anything else, at least so far).

A picture of wet JamThis time he jumped in on his own, and he swam around like a cartoon alligator, snapping his teeth at the water.

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