Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Inside a Fuzzy Toy

By Fred

(Please note: See No More Duck Buddy for most up to date info on approved toys!)

Despite Cheryl's attempt to reinforce its stitching the other day, Jam's favorite toy burst open today, finally no match for a puppy's sharp teeth. Jam was playing, as usual, like a good boy, with no malicious intent toward the duck. Then the world stopped turning, and there he stood, wide-eyed and with a wad of white stuffing in his mouth and with a look of wonder on his face.

The duck toy is on its back, with stuffing coming him stomachDamn! I've been bragging about Jam and how he doesn't tear up his toys.

Now that he knows the truth--that his toy is filled with fuzzy goodness--will he be able to resist? Or is he now hooked on the fuzz?

We'll try another repair job, with stronger thread this time. I'm not giving up on him.

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