Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Afternoon Classes

Yesterday, Jam helped with my Advanced Placement US History classes.  Mostly, he gave moral support to those students who were researching quietly at their desks.

Jam is nestled next to Carly's backpack and chair as she looks on her laptop for some online resources.
 Unfortunately, over to the right, where you couldn't see, there was a backpack with a stuffed Eeyore on it.  Jam found it and wanted it.  Wanted it BAD.  Every time I went over there to answer a question, Jam went as well and lunged for the stuffed animal.  Then it was a fight.

Jam finally fell asleep.  Fighting for Eeyore or my lecture?
Overall, he was a great boy in class today.  No barking. No chewing.  No roughhousing.  Just sleeping and a bit of Eeyore fascination.  And who doesn't want to take a bite out of Eeyore? He's so darn depressing!

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