Monday, October 24, 2011

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Jam is food obsessed.  Forget the magic door.  For a week now, he thought there were treats above my cabinets and he tried climbing things to get to them.

Seriously.  He would get on stools and try to climb up on cabinets.

He. Is. Obsessed. By. Food.

Extreme closeup of Jam's profile. He is waiting to be fed and has a bit of a yearning look to him.
There is no food in my office for him anymore.  I used to keep spare food for when we did film festivals and such, but now it is in the workroom far away from his questing nose.

He will only get in his crate with the promise of a few kibbles.  He has separation anxiety and doesn't like to be alone, getting him to go into the bedroom in the daytime is tantamount to leading him to an execution.  He starts to drag his feet and look around.

"It's daylight.  It's not bedtime.  Hey! Are you planning on leaving me in here ALONE!"

One shake of the kibble box and a Kennel In and he's all "I'm THERE!!!" with a happy face.  But no kibble, and it would be a full on drama king throw down.  And since I don't want the kennel to be a bad thing, I bring out two or three kibbles and he's a happy Jam.

But lately, lunchtime was getting to be a bit of a slog.  No, No, No, No. We couldn't go two feet without a correction and he was lunging for everything: actual food, crumbs, and even spots on the linoleum.  It got to where I was considering not taking him, but that wouldn't work as this was an important part of his training.  So I decided to do a prelunch foray into middle division.

They were not so boisterous and messy.  And they loved him. A lot.

By the end he had it.  Now we just have to do a prelunch foray every Mon-Wed-Fri.

Oh my.

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