Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Strawberry Jam

Jam with his Halloween costume on.  It is a red felt strawberry on a green felt  coat (the green coat is the same shape as their blue puppy coat).  He is laying down.
 Yesterday was our Halloween Parade and Jam was a hit.  I must say, though, I was surprised that I had to explain his costume as many times as I did.  I thought it was a sure thing. I only had three people (two students and one faculty member) who came up and said, "Oh! Strawberry Jam! I get it."

Here is the entire sandwich fixing group. I'm kneeling in front with Jam who is standing and showing off his costume.  From the left is Eileen, who is Fluff, Pilar who is Nutella, Jan who is crunchy Skippy, and Caroline who is creamy Jif.
Jam only occasionally would turn around and try to bite the strawberry.  Mostly he was good about it.  I had his blue coat on underneath it.

Here we are at the Halloween parade.  The kids are just about ready to march in front of us.  I'm kneeling beside Jam who is sitting and looking off to the left.

Making a Strawberry Costume

Now, you might think that I am pretty clever, putting that beautiful strawberry together, but I actually only did the very basic stuff like buy all the material, cut out the green felt coat (which is based on his blue guide dog coat) and then I went to the experts: Jan and Christina.

Jan is on the left (she was crunchy peanut butter) and Caroline is smooth. Jam is sitting between Caroline's legs.
Jan and Christina pulled up images of strawberries and then drew a large strawberry and transferred to the red felt and cut it out.  Then Christina made a green strawberry cap and cut it out and I glued everything on, the strawberry, the cap and the seeds.  I attached it all with adhesive velcro which eliminated any sewing.  It was pretty easy, on the whole.  If you have a Jan and a Christina around to help you!!!

I hope your Halloween is this fun.

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Jam makes a great strawberry flavor.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog