Sunday, February 26, 2012

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The Artist

Last weekend we went to a movie.  Our first movie in a long time.  We saw The Artist.  It was a silent movie, which might have seen like a bad choice given that we brought Jam with us, but Jam is a pretty quiet dog. Also, we use the quiet spot on all his tags.  If you haven't used them to quiet noisy tags in a place you want your dog to be super quiet, I highly recommend them!

Anyway, turns out that The Artist is actually a fairly loud movie, sound-wise that is.  When we got to the theater I was stopped by a former teacher who wanted to talk about the state of teaching in Florida.  This all started with a comment about Jam and then quickly turned into a biographical work history of her life, which while interesting left me on the sidewalk with Fred and her husband both looking on wondering when she was going to catch a breath so we could all maneuver her gracefully inside the theater and off to her movie.

Finally, she took a breath.  We moved on.  Popcorn was not on the menu as it would have sent Jammers into a frenzy, so we went to find our theater.  There were a few people waiting for the theater to be cleaned so we waited outside.

When it was cleaned we went to our usual dog spot at the top right-hand corner of the theater.

Overhead view of Jam's head and the stairs leading down the aisle.
This way, we aren't really behind anyone or in front of anyone.  We try not to be too bothersome.

Jam sometimes watches the screen.  
 This time we found the floor was very clean, so Jam wasn't able to lick anything up off of the ground.  He was able to settle in pretty quick.

Jam peering out from under the seat.
 I found the movie to be a bit too long.  Fred found it fascinating and wonderful.  Jam and I got restless.

Jam looking restless, I think.
When it was over, we went home and argued over whether it was Oscar worthy.

Jam and I think the dog certainly deserves an Oscar nod.

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