Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Coke and Jam

Wednesday, we were visited by a large group of Coca-cola executives who were there to see students go about their various community service activities.  Middle and Upper Division have lots of different things going on from tutoring students from Academy Prep in the library to cleaning up the stream and wetlands and park in the neighborhood, and many other types of giving.

I happened in on the end of the tutoring session in the library when I finished up the Honors Chem classes and Jam and I walked through the crowd of red shirts (all the executives were wearing red shirts) to get to my office at the back of the library.  I could tell that Jam had captured the attention of many people.  I set down my bag and computer and went to check in with Jan in the workroom.  As I was standing just outside the workroom, I noticed that three red-shirted execs were making their way over to us with dog lust in their eyes. Their hands were outstretched.

As they got within about a foot of Jam I said, "Now, you can't pet him when he has his coat on.  He's working."

They were crestfallen.  Three grown men, so sad.

"Really?"  They all looked at Jam like he was candy they couldn't have.  I was about to explain when another exec, this one was a lady in a red shirt, came up and said, "Now, I can't pet him, because he has his coat on right?"

All the men looked at her.  I smiled.  "Exactly right!"  Then we started talking about Southeastern and how the students had raised the money to name Jam and who he was named for.  One of the execs wandered off.  It was too much for him to handle.  A dog so close and pet-able.  After a bit, I looked at the guys and they were still so darn wistful.

"Would you like me to take off the jacket?"

"Oh Yes!!"

"Ok, but calm voices." So, I took off the jacket and they knelt down to pet Jam.  As they did, the man who had wandered away happened to turn around and see they were petting Jam.  He RUNS over to us and in a VERY LOUD voice says,

"You can't pet him! He has his coat on!"

The lady in the red shirt turns and says, "She took the coat off."

"Oh." He stood there.

"Would you like to pet him?" I asked.  Immediately, he was down on his knees petting Jam.

Jam at the circulation desk helping a student check out a book.
They may have red shirts.  They may be executives.  But they were children at that moment, in a good way.  That's what I love about Jam at school.

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Love the pic of Jam at the check out desk!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog