Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Second Graders Rock!

Today, I got the most amazing thank you note from the second grade class where Jam, Jan and I went to talk the other day.  Here it is up on my office door:

Thank you letter with a large dog surrounded with bones.
 The message says:

Dear Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Connors and Jam, Thank you so much for coming to visit.  We loved learning about guide dogs! Love, (and then they signed their names)  They also all wrote one thing they learned from my talk on a bone that they placed around the picture of the dog on the card.  I took individual photos of each of their bones.  They are below.
Guide dogs can sit, stand and stay.

I learned that guide dogs can lead blind people.

Guide dogs are careful.

Guide dogs sometimes have to disobey.

I learned that they test their gait. (I'm really impressed she/he remembered this vocab word!)

Guide dogs help people.

Guide dogs can be silly some times. (Oh, how true!)

Guide dogs are smart.

Guide dogs get trained on the board walk. (This refers to our conversation on intelligent disobedience and one of the ways they do that is on a pier, which I think she/he mistook for a boardwalk.  Close enough, I say!)

I learned guide dogs get trained to save people.

Guide dogs go where ever there (sic) owner goes!

Jam is really funny. (I love this kid!)

When the guide dog does not make it, they go to the hospital and make them feel good!!!  (I think this refers to our conversation about career change dogs and what other things the dogs do if they aren't guide dogs.  She has a little heart drawn at the end of her sentence.)

Jam is very curious.

Guide dogs know how to stop people from going in the street.

Close up of message!

Close up of names.
I love Lower Division!!

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  1. wow! how awesome! that is a really good idea, having the kids write what they learned. I always love getting thank you note from the kids I spoke with... makes it all worth while!