Friday, March 23, 2012

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Stephanie's Boot Camp

Jammy sitting and smiling for Aunt Stephanie.
Jam has been spending his week at fellow puppy raiser Stephanie's house.  Or as she calls it, Aunt Stephanie's Boot Camp.  I secretly think that there may be some spa time in there as well as I got a text about some pool time, but I think Stephanie wants to keep up the tough front!

This is a sleepy Jam in Aunt Stephanie's car.  
Jam seems to be awfully relaxed on the commute in to work.  That's a good thing.  I would hope that he is being a good boy while at Aunt Stephanie's work.

Jammy sitting by Aunt Stephanie's dog statue.  Jam is now taller than the statue.  
He seems to be a little more perky once he gets to Aunt Stephanie's actual office as the photo above shows, but then, some serious naptime occurs.
Jam curled up in a deep sleep sans coat.

On Thursday, Jam and Aunt Stephanie participated in the Indy 500 parade.  You can tell they are simpatico because they both have the Jammy head tilt going on.  They are on the far right.  Stephanie is tilting to the left and Jam to the right.

Here is a shot of Jam at one of Stephanie's meetings.  He is fully asleep.  This was the day after the parade.

Here's a shot of Jam being helpful during a basket weaving class.  Hmmm.  Yeah.

Jam and Aunt Stephanie at Moccasin Lake Nature Park.

Jam ends his busy day like so many of his days, with a deep sleep.  Go Jammy, go!
Tomorrow's the last day of boot camp for Jammy and then he goes for a day to Aunt Carolyn.  But Santa Fe goodies will be coming for Stephanie and Carolyn as thank you presents for taking care of our little demon.  Keeping Aunt Stephanie happy is a good thing! And making sure you have a happy AC who helps you out in a pinch is also a good thing.  It's great to have such a supportive puppy raiser group.  And it helps to have a really cute puppy.  But then, aren't they all?

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