Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Curtains for a Bed

Yesterday, the school's webmaster said his son Tyler, who is in pre-k and knows Jam, wanted to know where Jam slept at night.  I said, you can tell him that Jam sleeps with us in our bedroom.  But lately, Jam has been doing some weird things.

This morning I saw Tyler and his mom, who teaches French and is an academic counselor, walking in together.  I went over and said hello.

"Tyler, I hear you wanted to know about Jam and where he sleeps at night."

Tyler immediately ducked his head and looked down.  He is very shy.  I just continued talking.

"Well, Jammy sleeps with us, but he does this very strange thing right before he falls asleep." Tyler looked up very quickly, then looked back down. "Jam will go under the curtains by the wall and turn in a circle, fluffing them out.  Kind of like a blanket.  Then he goes to sleep."

Jammy peeking out from under the curtains while he is preparing for bedtime.
I could see a little smile on Tyler's face, but he didn't want to look at me.

He was probably thinking about dogs and dreaming and blankets and beds made out of curtains. And while you're at it, if you have a bed made out of curtains, can you sleep on the window?  And if  you sleep on the window, could you fly out into the night? And if...

He didn't need to say anything.  I knew what was going on.


  1. Eric dors this as well. I think it's hide and seek for Duke.

  2. Maybe it's a yellow dog thing? 8-)