Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Back to School with Chemistry!

This week we had a full week of classes.  Coach and I went to the Honors Chemistry classroom to teach thesis statements and research. Ms. Schneider is one of the Honors Chemistry teachers and she also happens to be a good friend.  She recently donated the earnings of the Serve Tutors to Coach's Walkathon effort in order to help the SLPs name a puppy.  That donation was over $800!

She is also very involved with the St. Francis Society which helps spay and neuter homeless and feral  cats.  They are also very active in finding homes for kittens and adoptable cats.  As you can imagine, she has all sorts of interesting kitty cat smells on her, coupled with the chemistry smells!  Coach loves her.
Here is a photo of Coach sitting next to Ms. Schneider.

We had two class periods with each Honors Chemistry class: one to talk about thesis statements and then one to talk about research and annotated works cited and the podcast assignment.  Coach generally remain sleepy and quiet nearby.

However, during one class, Ms. Schneider and I were sitting at the long table in the front of the class and students would bring their thesis statements up to us to have them approved.  Coach was sleeping in between our chairs.  Ms. Schneider had wheels on her chair and started to roll back without realizing that sleeping Coach had his tail directly under the wheels of her chair.  The wheel caught up his tail hair and zipped it into the wheel covering mechanism, which then yanked it out of his tail in a big hank.

Coach leaped straight up into the air going from sound asleep to immediately awake in zero to 100 flat.

All of the students cried, "Oh! Ms. Schneider!" and rushed to the front of the classroom.  Coach had crowded in close to me and was giving Ms. Schneider the hairy eyeball.

Now, you have to know something about Ms. Schneider.  She's a very no nonsense, kind of person.  So, with all the class looking on and Coach over at my side, she says, "Oh, you're ok," and patted her leg.

Now, Coach never let out one little peep. In fact, at this point, he scoots a little closer to Ms. Schneider and wags his tail.

"You probably just want me give you a big apology." Coach circled around to her, wagging his tail and sat down looking up at her.  The kids all relaxed and started to sit back down.

Soon the next class started and Coach was off into dreamland.
Coach, lying up against the wall dreaming.
The Honors Chemistry podcast project just isn't interesting enough to hold his attention.

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