Monday, January 14, 2013

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Macho, Macho Man

Have you considered humping lately?  I thought not.  Now, if I were talking about our previous Southeastern Guide Dog puppy Jam, you would already be thinking of several stories, but Coach, not so much.  He's a laid back dude.  Nary a stray thought about the opposite sex passes through his brain.

He's much more concerned with where his blanket is and when dinner is.  Are we going for a walk?  Where is his nylabone? Can I take a nap over there?  Those are the thoughts of our Coach.  But not doing the wild thing.  On the couple of occasions when he has tried it with Willow she has rolled her eyes and sat down.  Coach just sort of stops and wanders off as if he intended to do something else the whole time.

"Uh, I meant to go find my nylabone.  I think it is over in the family room.  I'm going to go look for it now."

It is a requirement that all guide dog puppies have a puppy camp experience where they go to someone else's house and experience a completely new family and way of life for two weeks.  So, we had worked out a puppy camp experience with our friend Nancy because she had sons and a different work environment and they also had Ava, a cute little black lab that we would be getting in exchange.

They also had Orchid, a female breeder lab, who had just been inseminated.

Ah, do you see a potential problem? Coach didn't.  We didn't.  He would have been content to wander around clueless (probably), but can you really ever trust a male dog's libido?

Nancy did the only sane thing a breeder host mom would do: she checked with Southeastern to see if there might be a problem.

Now, I suppose, if one were to look at this a certain way, you could say that Southeastern views Coach as a very macho dog.  He is now not allowed to co-habitate with puppies of the opposite sex during any puppy sitting or puppy camping. He must go to a home without another puppy or with a male puppy.  Oh, Coach, you are such a macho man!

I think this is a smart rule.  It's a lot like letting your dog guard your lunch.  There are very few dogs who have the strength of character to not eat that sandwich when your back is turned.  And Coach is only 9 months old.  Granted he isn't Jam, but he is totally functional.

And when totally functional gets in the same room with highly scented with intriguing pheromones  that's when you get oopsadores.

Close up of Coach's face.
And seriously, he's so handsome.  I think Orchid might have thrown herself at him.

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