Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Coach Is at Puppy Camp!

 Coach is puppy camping it at the Kriseman's house.  They have two very active kids and one dog, a female black lab named Peppermint.  So, Coach has a household that is different, yet with some of the same elements (Willow, being an older lab mentor 8-).

Coach's good night photo to us! He's sitting and looking up at the camera.  He doesn't look tired at all. He's tongue is hanging out.  I think he has been playing hard with Peppermint.
 From all accounts, he was a good boy that first night.  He played all night long stopping only to take a 10 minute break.  Poor Peppermint!!

This photo shows Peppermint sleeping by Coach's huge food bin.  She is guarding it.
Peppermint may have loved Coach more for the food he brought than the energy he showed as the photo above indicates. 

Hound Down!  Coach finally crashes and falls asleep.
Coach then had some busy days with Kerry and Rick at work.  

Coach in Kerry's car.  He is sitting looking at the camera.
I had mentioned to Kerry that Coach might have some hesitation with getting into the car, but she said he was great and had no problems with the car.

Coach is smiling and looking out the window.
It certainly does seem like he is enjoying the car ride!

Coach sleeping with his head under Kerry's chair.

At work he liked to keep a close watch on Kerry and Rick.  He would put his head under Kerry's chair and put his head on Rick's foot and go to sleep.  Rick calls him the Velcro Dog.

Coach sleeping with his head on Rick's foot.

Coach also got to visit clients (where he was very good and interacted appropriately with small children) and he met Senator Bill Nelson! Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of that meeting.

Hound Down at work!  Coach sleeping against the wall.

Overall, though, I think he mostly slept at work.

Another good night photo, notice the tail is wagging so fast it is a blur!
Another successful couple of days at puppy camp!!
Photo of Coach looking at the camera with a football game in the background.
On the weekend, Samuel had a flag football game that Coach got to attend.  He tried to eat a lot of grass (bad Coach!), but otherwise was pretty well behaved. 

Coach getting a hug from one of the other dads.
There was a fundraiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs at the Quaker Steak and Lube that Coach attended.

Rick and Coach are eating lunch.  Well, Rick is at the table and Coach is under it.
Coach met some other puppies.  Here he is meeting Maggie.  

Coach and Maggie having a very calm meet and greet.
More adventures to come!!

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