Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Virtual Valentine

By Fred
It seems like forever since Coach and I were out for lunch. Vacations, puppy camp, etc., it's a busy life, but I miss my outings with the little guy.

Today we had a mission, a simple mission, to visit several of the Dunedin gift shops and practice our Down/Stay. But first, a nice long walk, just to get our puppy craziness in check.

Usually at this time of the year I succumb to market and peer pressure and I have some flowers delivered to Cheryl at school. But lately the flowers have not been very nice. How hard is it to deliver some nice flowers? This year I was resolved to find something new.

As usual I discuss all of this with Coach...

Coach and I walked into several of the stores and he, tired out from the walk, was just perfect. Sit, down and stay, and just inches from all sorts of temptations. Very good dog.

Coach, is it too old-fashioned to get her a card? Virtual cards don't seem quite right. A hand-made card would be nice (and not at all predictable, coming from me).

But what about the missing flowers this year--do they need to be replaced with some other public display of affection?

Just in case...


  1. OK, Moms Comment "FLOWERS"

    Thats Mom
    Susie & Bites