Monday, February 11, 2013

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Shots in the Head

 Today I went in to see the migraine doctor.  And I took Coach in with me.  Normally, this might give me a fair amount of stress (bringing Jam did), but Coach is really laid back and he actually was very good in the waiting room.

Coach staring out from under the chair into the waiting room.

 There's kind of a funny phenomenom when you are out with a guide dog in training: people usually smile at you, strangers will strike up conversations, and many will talk to you about their dogs.  Today I learned about keeshonds.  The lady a few chairs down had a keeshond puppy that she wanted to show me (Kaia was her puppy's name) and that puppy was amazingly gorgeous.  I don't think I have ever seen a keeshond.  So, I got to learn all about one as I waited for my name to be called.

Coach sat peacefully under the chair.  Fairly soon, my name was called and I went back with Coach.

He went under the chair quietly and soon fell asleep.

Coach, asleep under the chair I am sitting on.
The nurse taking my blood pressure commented on how good he was and how it must be having a great effect on my blood pressure.  (Well, that's awesome.  Yea Coach!)  She said Dr. Vollbracht would be in to see me in a few minutes.

Coach woke up.

Coach looking at the camera.
I thought that it wouldn't be a good thing for Coach to act up in front of Dr. Vollbracht.  He is a very nice doctor, but he is rather no nonsense and I didn't think he would be very happy.  I took a deep breath.  Coach laid back down and went to sleep. I let my breath out.

Dr. Vollbracht and his nurse Darlene came in.  We chatted about migraines and stress and decided that I needed some shots in the back of my head.  This procedure would involve me putting my head on the seat of the chair, essentially flipping all my hair over and being in an "L".  Dr. Vollbracht, who was very impressed with Coach said that he would just step over Coach and give me the shots.

Hmmm. OK.

I flipped my hair.  I bent into an "L".  I got two shots into the back of my head.  

Coach never moved.  Darlene and Dr. Vollbracht were in love.

Coach and Darlene.

Now if I could just do something about all the stress.

I know!  More Coach.  More Coach.

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