Friday, March 1, 2013

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Girl Scouts

By Fred
Last night Cheryl and I took Coach to a girl scout meeting along with eight or nine other puppies and their puppy raisers, all stuffed into a small room that was filled with the type of kinetic, silly energy that only puppies and girl scouts can generate.

A photo of girl scouts in the back, my wanna-be-a-girl-scout wife grinning impressively and posing with Coach in the middle, and some other puppies and puppy raisers

Then add the fact that at least two of our group's puppies are males almost 1 year old and still not fixed (Coach and Coastie). And at least one of the female dogs had really caught their attention, severely so, making them even more stupid than human teenagers.

The girls were sweet, and several of them asked for Coach's "card" (he has his own business cards).

Later we played doggie tic-tac-toe, where the dogs are supposed to sit in the squares like Xs (the black labs) and Os (the yellows), but the aforementioned hormones and pheromones had all the dogs distracted until the Xs and Os were all mixed up and scrambling into other squares until the games had to be declared a draw. Even our good-boy Couch could not sit still for a minute, if that can be believed. But it was all big fun.

Here's the closing ceremony.

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